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January Newsletter

Hello and Happy New Year!! 2022 is in full swing but the commitments we make to a fresh start, be grateful for the chance of time and the optimism of what's to come will resonate throughout the year.

Our goal for 2022 is to continue to engage with our students and foster a sense of community inside and outside the studio. These new monthly newsletters are a part of that mission. We want our students to have a voice throughout the . We want you to have a voice in the types of classes we offer, the times they are offered as well as the organizations we choose to donate to from month to moment. This is the Yoga of service or “seva”. If you have something on your mind please take a moment to share with us, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Member-Voted Donations for December

St Jude’s Children’s Hospital - $40

Butte Food Bank - $10

THANK YOU members for showing up and allowing us to continue with our mission to support organizations in need.

Announcements and What’s New at the Coop

  1. Member Driven Intentions Voting Options

We are changing how members can vote for the Member Driven Intention. Each time you come and practice at the Coop, you will be given a token and you can cast your vote in one of the boxes representing the month’s options. The tokens are located on the sideboard by the door, please take one as you leave.

Have an idea for a project, non profit or program to support? Let us know!

A reminder that 10% of all membership dues go towards the Membership Driven Intention voted by our members!

Changes and Additions to the Schedule

We asked, you told us and we listened! Thank you for those that have given us feedback on what and when to offer classes. Due to this feedback there are a few changes

Video Library is Live!

The video library is near and dear to our hearts and we have spent the last couple of months. We are proud to offer this video library free for January so you can check out what we have to offer. New classes are added weekly! Starting February 1 unlimited access to the video library will be by subscription for $10 / month. Perfect for those cold snowy days when you don't want to leave your home but you need your YOGA!

Upcoming Workshops for February

  • Visionary Breath Trance - date TBD

  • Introduction to…Couples Yoga or Restorative Yoga


Monthly Pose Break Down: Slow Cat Cow

Take a frequently used asana and slow it down to increase awareness and accessibility to the movements of the spine.

Another Great Resource

In honor of our Chakra Workshop this month, I’d like to introduce you to a great resource for exploring the Chakra System on a personal level. The Book The Anatomy of The Spirit takes a look at 3 major religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism and draws parallels between all three using the Chakra System as the connection. Carline Myss draws on her experiences as an intuitive healer and provides the reader with ways to explore themselves in a similar way. My take on this book is it is a great read! Just don’t take it as fact. Although what she expands upon is incredibly thoughtful and moving, it is based on her own experiences and anecdotes….no science based knowledge here.

Staff or Member Highlight

Elaine Mele, Co-Founder

  • What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

Wow, that's a tough one because my body and mind are different every day so my idea of “favorite” changes as well. Currently, I'm drawn to a nice long drawn out Savasana pose. Stillness and full rest is so hard to come by and it is so important in rebalancing our nervous system, which has far reaching effects. It's a great way to send thanks and gratitude to my body given what I put it through on a weekly basis.

  • How are you working on deepening your practice?

Every so often I find that I start to focus too much on specific asana and what I can and cannot do in certain poses. When that feeling arises and becomes my main focus I know it's time to go back to the study of yoga philosophy, particularly the yamas and niyamas so I can re-focus on what yoga does for me off the mat in the absence of asana. So that's what I am working on now.

  • What’s one thing you’d never practice yoga without?

Awareness of my breath.

See You on the Mat!

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