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February Newsletter

What's happening at the Yoga Coop

It has been a fantastic start to the year at the Yoga Coop MT. As we begin our first full year of operation, we keep adding more classes and unique and meaningful workshops. Elaine and Alyssa hold gratitude for those who have given us a try with the Muladhara Trial Membership and are ever grateful for those that are already Full Members. Elaine and Alyssa held their quarterly stake holders meeting (officially begin dubbed the Dreamer's Meeting) where they discussed the future goals of the studio, and now we'd love thoughts from our community as well! Help make our studio a better experience, send your thoughts our way in person at the studio or via email. Outcomes from that meeting will be featured in the March Newsletter. Lastly, (Shameless Plug!) many people find out about our studio by word of mouth and searching for Yoga on Google. If you enjoy the services we provide, consider leaving us a review!

Member-Voted Donations for January

This was the first month we tried a new way for members to vote and we have gotten very good feedback. Members voted this month and the winner for January is... A scholarship for a High School student! We hope this is a start to a long, mindful journey for a local young adult. THANK YOU members for showing up and allowing us to continue with our mission to support organizations in need.

Announcements and What’s New at the Coop

Video Library is Live!

The video library is near and dear to our hearts and we have spent the last couple of months getting videos up and live. We are proud to continue to offer this video library free for February. New classes are added weekly! Perfect for those cold snowy days when you don't want to leave your home but you need your YOGA! Want a specific type of class but don't see tit on the library? Let us know! February Member Driven Intention Choices In Honor of Black History Month, we have found 3 organizations in Montana that support the state's BIPOC community. Interested in talking about race and equity in yoga and our society? Feel free to strike up a conversation with Alyssa and/or Elaine. We have been doing our own personal work for years and love to talk about it.

The Montana Racial Equity Project Ours is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that works with individuals, groups, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to promote and create opportunities to build equity and justice in Montana. YWCA Racial Justice Initiative The Racial Justice Initiative includes community outreach, education and partnerships, as well as internal training, to better address both immediate needs of program participants and the root causes of those needs. HERE Montana Here Montana is a BIPOC outdoors program run through Missoula Parks and Recreation Department. The program works to bridge racial disparity in outdoor recreation and make it more accessible to Missoula’s BIPOC community by providing gear, information and community.

Upcoming Workshops and Events for February Visionary Breath Trance Sunday February 27 3-5pm Spaces Limited! Sign up to guarantee your spot

Yoga for Cyclists to benefit Highland Cycling Club Thursday February 3rd 5:30-6:30pm Donation based, all proceeds will go to support the Highland Cycling Club

Pop-Up Pilates with Kayla Jane Pilates Tuesday February 8th 5:30-6:00pm Cost $10, available to all!

Meet the Crew

Alyssa Hartson, Co-Founder

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why? I feel like it changes! Right now I really am enjoying the Moon Salutation series..which I know is not one pose but it is really resonating with me. Being asked so slow down, focus on the breath and connect with intentional movement is one of my favorite things about yoga. In the past, I've loved exploring Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) because it is not something that is inherently easy for me, but when I get up into it, it feels really great. Tell us a little about your yoga journey. I came to practice Yoga on a regular basis when I was working down in Antarctica. There were several yoga instructors that offered free classes and it was such a great way be introduced to the practice. When I moved home to Madison, WI and became a teacher, I was really interested how I could introduce yoga to my students. It was their curiosity in the practice that ultimately helped deepen mine. What’s one thing you’d never practice yoga without? Self Compassion


Have you wondered if you are doing downward facing dog "right"? Struggled with sore wrists after being in this pose? Check out this short breakdown of DWFD and some variations.

February is Black History Month and we want to hold space for one of our favorite Yogis! Dianne Bondy is a true leader in the Yoga Community and is an advocate for diversity and equity, and Yoga for All Bodies. This book is a wonderful addition to your library if you are interested in how you can take control of your own personal yoga practice with modifications, variations and props. Alyssa holds her Yoga for All yoga certification facilitated by Dianne.

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