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Memberships and Rates

Still not sure what is right for you? Try us for 14 days for $14. Sign up for the Trial Membership. All you need is an email to register.

Here at the Yoga Cooperative, our membership structure is probably different from what you've encountered before.  We structured it with two aspects that are very important to us.
1. Our yoga teachers are paid on a sliding scale. The more folx that show up, the more the yoga teacher can get paid. 
2. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.  - Anonymous
A quote that drives much of the decision making we do here.  We believe that Yoga and Mindfulness can help people in so many ways. Whether it is to increase strength and/or flexibility,  to become calmer and happier, to deal with trauma (both emotional and physical), or any other reason one might identify.  

The Yoga Cooperative MT, LLC believes in inclusivity and that is the thought process behind our payment tiers.

Which one is right for you? That is entirely up to you. You decide what tier you'd like to pay,
Howver, if you are not sure which membership to pick, you an consider these guiding questions:
1) What can I afford?
2) What am I willing to afford?
3) How often do I come?

We also offer options for those who don't wish to sign up for a membership including class punch cards and drop in rates.  We also offer various donation based classes through out the month.  You can purchase memberships and punch cards on our website or at the studio.

Drop In Classes  are $14 per class per person and can be purchased at the studio.

Trial Membership


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Trial Membership$14.00
Duration: 2 weeksSessions: Unlimited

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