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Alyssa Hartson Yoga Instructor


I hold a 200 HR YTT from Breath for Change which is a yoga teacher training program that focuses on yoga in schools. I spent my first 2 years as a yoga teacher creating trauma informed yoga series for teenagers.  Once I moved out to Butte, I taught at the local yoga studio. I hold certifications for Yoga For All, which gives me tools for my toolbox to create a yoga class for all shapes, sizes and abilities. I also have received training in creating trauma sensitive yoga spaces and classes.

I hold a certification in Teaching Mindfulness through a secular lens.

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Yoga for All Bodies
Trauma Informed Yoga
Yoga Certification Vinyasa

My Story

What I Believe

  • Meaningful, quality education is a human right, and is the foundation of an informed, active, democratic society. 

  • Education is not just about absorbing new facts, but about teaching the ‘Whole Student’: socially, emotionally and academically. 

  • By incorporating restorative practices and mindfulness into programming and curriculum, it adds further opportunity for building empathy, developing self realizations, and incorporating equity. 

  • In knowing more about themselves through the outdoors, yoga, and/or mindfulness, students develop a strong sense of leadership driven by their moral compass and values.  Students ultimately discover that everything they need to develop these skills, they already possess.

  • I believe all students have a right to these opportunities of growth and experiences.


Impactful Experiences

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation and Environmental Science with a minor in Biology. 


 I hold a Broadfield Science Teaching License in the State of Wisconsin. 


I taught for 4 year at a small, project-based public charter school near Madison, WI.  At this school, I created curriculum that gave students the space to explore their interests within the subject of science. I integrated overnight backpacking trips into my curriculum and service work projects, most notably building and maintaining sections of the Ice Age Trail in SE Wisconsin.

By the time I was working with young people in the classroom, I began to explore not only my own personal yoga practice, but explored how to bring yoga into my classroom to help with stress and emotional regulation.  I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification through Breath For Change and have since developed a trauma sensitive teen yoga program.

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