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Small,  Non Competitive , Service (Seva)


The Yoga Cooperative MT, llc is a small yoga studio in the heart of Uptown Butte that believes in Yoga as a practice that takes place on and off the mat.  We are passionate about bringing this practice to all that wish to engage with it and the intricacies of what it can provide to the individual. 

New to our studio? Sign up for our 14 day Trial! All you need is $14 and an email.

Yoga Mat and Straps

The Yoga Cooperative, LLC offers a wide range of payment and membership options, so you can pick what best suits your lifestyle. 

Yoga Equipment
Class Descriptions

Currently Under construction


We offer classes that are suited for all types of yogis. Whether you are looking for a high intensity workout, or a restorative experience. Whether you are interested in chair yoga, pre-natal and everything in-between. 

Yoga Mats

The Yoga Cooperative, LLC offers a wide range of classes for all ability levels.  All practitioners are welcome in our space!

Online Yoga

We offer high quality yoga classes live in the studio, but sometimes coming into a studio is not an option.  We offer a wide range of classes on our video library ranging from 5-60 minutes, and several styles including Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga.

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Are you a yoga teacher?

Do your values align with ours?

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