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Hey there! I entered the yoga world in middle school, when a guest teacher came to our gym class for a day and teach us a handful of poses. I remember hugging my knees in at the end of class and rolling around and how relaxing that felt. From there, I went to some yoga classes in high school with my mom at our local gym. I continued in college, where I discovered different types of yoga and fell in love with the ashtanga sequence. Since then, I've dabbled with all sorts of yoga practices and have found handfuls of knowledge in each style and philosophy. I just finished my 200YTT from Sistermoon Wellness in Missoula. My recent training taught me a world of spiritual texts and anatomy, as well as inclusive styles of teaching, in depth studies of asana, and touched on trauma informed training, children's yoga, yoga for seniors, and so much more that I think will be useful in moving into the role of the teacher. I am eager to start this new chapter and hope you will come along with me! 

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